I don't know if it's just me, but I feel like in the summer, hair is sort of neglected. In Colorado, we have dry weather and hair definitely feels it in the winter. By the time winter is over, we are doing our little happy dance. The bikes come out, camping, and hiking, summer bbqs...ahhh! We tend to forget about our hair, right? I know I kind of do. Here are some things we can do to take care of our hair:

1) Buy salon quality shampoo and conditioner.

This is a must all the time in Colorado. We are soooo close to the sun! Do you get your roots done? Have nice, pretty highlights? You don't want to ruin it by not protecting your pretty color. The sun and UV rays will fade your color. Salon quality shampoos and conditioners will help help reduce fade. (Aside from all the other benefits that come from investing in your home care products...probably have to write another blog post about this. :))

2) Use products that have a UV filter.

At Alpine Ridge, here are a list of products that contain a UV protectant:

L'Oreal Professional Products:

Vitamino Color A-OX Conditioner

Vitamino Color A-OX Shampoo

Volume Envy Extra Mousse

Power dose Color A-OX In-salon conditioning treatment

Color Glow Oil

Aveda Products

Aveda has a line called Sun Care. These products help protect again the sun, salt, and chlorine

Protective Veil

3) Cover that noggin.

One of the most common places skin cancer can hide is on the scalp, and it's one of the least detected places. When my clients are in my chair, I'm always inspecting their scalp for any changes. After all, hairdressers are probably one of the only people that look at your scalp aside from your dermatologist. There have been a few times when I take my client's phone and take pictures of something unusual showing up on their scalp. Using a hat prevents color fading, sunburn, and skin damage so please use a hat.

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